RTTT [Render Truth Through Texture] is My current research project and work in Progress, which is about the importance of mirrors and reflection in Iranian literature, and how they represent the unity and multiplicity concept in many poetries and stories, I find RTT[Render To Texture] technique so interested in 3D application and Game engines, which is about rendering from another camera in the scene and store the rendered data into a texture to use it as material for an object. each of them could have its own specific field of view, size, light, and any other properties, and render in the main camera context. these textures could act as part of a whole image just as a drop could represent the ocean. I find some useful tools in patchXR in which I could represent this Idea and use the active scene cameras as an aesthetic and also as a part of my concept, meanwhile creating a digital sculpture, about A poetry of hafiz which is referring to an old story about teaching parrots how to speak by using a mirror in front of them.

Mohsen Hazrati
Spain / Iran

I’m media artist and curator based in Shiraz, Iran. This Feb, I came to Barcelona to join the immensiva Residency and then locked down and stay here. My artworks are more focused on Iranian and specifically Shirazi, literature, and culture and It’s combination with digital technologies, In parallel, I’m developing a VR self-portrait project called Tey Al Tool since 2017. Recently I’m interested in VR and experiencing Lipsync to generate visuals from input voices.