PatchXR - Sound of the Metaverse

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Patch is a native VR authoring tool that lets you build brand new instruments and play electronic music like never before - directly in digital three-dimensional space. Break out of the limited model of mouse and flat screen, and create worlds with the building blocks of sound. Explore an unlimited environment that looks to the future of human-computer interface and the endless possibilities of your imagination.

PatchXR features

Play fantastic worlds

Transform any room into your musical playground and discover an infinite library of fantastic musical worlds to play with. Get inspired to make music in VR thanks to a bundle of surreal instruments and sound FX made by the community, and use PatchXR tools to build your own. Step inside the music you love and play, tweak, and patch without borders.

PatchXR features

Build sound

Transform noise into music in no time and explore the wonders of sound synthesis in VR, where you can feel, see and interact with sound in 3D space. Crafted for first timer to the experimented patchers in Max MSP or Pure Data, our VR tool let you create without physical limitation. Assemble Patch’s sonic modules and interactive powerblocks to shape unique sounds and worlds.

PatchXR features

Share without borders

Create amazing music video in no-time thanks to our intuitive recording suite. Share your worlds and sound patches, perform live or in VR and broadcast your performance to your web channel and invite your fans and friends to step inside your worlds.

What Makes Patch Unique?

Our audio engine combined with immersive 3D worlds create a truly otherworldly VR experience

No coding

Build musical worlds using sound blocks


Learn about music in a new ways


Join an open and advanced group of fellow makers and share your vision


No more mouse-clicking; use whole-body gestures to express yourself


Step inside the music you love and personalize it


Collaborate and play music remotely together in real-time

The latest news


Registration to our next online Hacklab is open till June 14th !!!

You are a music producer, sound engineer, media artist, a performer, a game designer, a fashion designer, a maker, a hacker, a metaverse explorer…