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Spatial computing and XR is about to transform the way humans interact with technology forever.

Introducing the 3rd dimension to sound and placing the body back into the musical experience, we created a way to express ourselves beyond category and borders.
We enable people to engage with music in the new age of spatial computing by providing a platform, an engine, and a format that is immersive, intuitive, creative & collaborative.

Patch Engine

The visual language of music

Imagine a collapsable studio where you can compose, record, jam and perform live music using instruments of your own design. We have created a new way to create and experience music in 3-dimensional space, bringing the infinite possibilities of electronic music softwares, with the physical expressivity of music hardwares into one affordable and wearable device.

Embody Visual-music

"The Body Shapes
the Way We Play"
"Space Shapes the Way We Play Too"






In addition to an ever-growing library of instruments, recordings and user-generated content, Patch will also live-stream performances in VR - effectively letting creators perform for each other. Everything in Patch is modular, which means is made by combining different pieces together, that can be reversed engineered, modified and fully customized, think of minecraft or lego for musical software spaces.


Driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, our XR technology blends hardware with software and digital services to provide innovative, sensory integrated solutions for hobbyists, amateurs and professionals of all styles and genres.