Holofrenia is not a place. The Holophrenic term is a game derived from the word holography (hólos; 'whole') and schizophrenia (to split, fragment, or break the understanding, reason or mind). One of the oldest immersive technologies is dreams. The more time I spend inside VR, I wonder what it would be like to inhabit existence simply as an exponential sound evolving spatially for eternity...

Julian Bonequi

Hybrid Artist & Transmedia Producer, founder of Audition Records Berlin-Mexico. Winner of the Interactive Composition Konzerthaus Berlin 2019 as VR Interactive Designer; CTM 2017 Radio Lab with the sci-fi Radio Drama 'The Death of The Anthropocene' & PAPIAM 2016 for 'Antagony' VR Chamber Opera. Bonequi currently develops interactive interfaces for invisible music for his Holophrenic Theater project as Member of the National System of Art Creators FONCA.