March of the Megaphones

This piece features my own artwork (@steampunkCoffeeMachine). The images in the background and the animated 'Bazooka Megaphone' are all physical props that featured in several London Theatre productions. My soundscape features a security alarm inspired backing track with an epic gong that I just could not help bashing! then there was the feeble door buzzer sound. I do also give you a bit of a dance at about 1:30 into the track so thats worth waiting for!. I imagine this could be used as sound effects for a disaster movie where the gong warns of the approaching alien invasion while the hero is desperately trying to get someone to open their damn door and let them in.

Peter Harris

I am a creative working in code, theatre prop making, Costume design, Set Building, Acting. I work in immersive theatre including You Me Bum Bum Train and Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Immersive VR Experience in London. I build coffee machine sculptures for brand activations and retail that I call SteamPunkCoffeeMachine.