The Conductor's Philosphy

The term "conductor's philosophy" ( generally describes the relationship between user / player and computer-based musical interfaces and computer-controlled instruments. Following this view, the relationship is seen as a conductor -> orchestra relationship rather than a player -> instrument relationship. This philosophy, which is associated with Max V. Mathews, prompted this Metaverse study, which investigates the ability to create generative players in PatchXR. To this end, 4 robotic players were created using only mathematical formulas, staged in a virtual world with objects also generated from mathematical functions.

Damian T. Dziwis

The Düsseldorf based composer and engineer creates most of his multimedia works with audiovisual generative algorithms, machine learning and live coding.. Damian’s compositions were played and at festivals, e.g. the „CTM Festival“ Berlin, „inSonic Festival“ at the ZKM, „60x60“ Festival in Chicago or the „THE WRONG - New Digital Art Biennale“. Beside his artistic work he has an engineer’s degree in media technology, is working as a lecturer for Creative Coding at the Peter Behrens School of Arts and is doing a Ph.D. (TH Cologne & TU Berlin) in virtual acoustics, developing applications for spatial audio and art expression