Startup Wise Guys' journey into developing XR took projects to Malaga and explored topics around next-generation technology, business-to-business opportunities, market entry and development, and open networking with music in the Metaverse. That’s all territory that’s core to what we do, so the match was perfect.

Watch what happened, and why we’re so enthusiastic:

We want to specifically thank the folks at Startup Wise Guys. That’s a huge thanks to Mariia Tintul for guiding our direction, keeping us focused and on track, to Andrey Lunev for all the introductions and networks, to Luana NICOSIA for helping arrange and coordinate everything and to the entire SWG team for this opportunity.

The reviews from all the batch members speak to the quality and depth of this experience. As one fellow participant wrote on LinkedIn:

Going through the XR batch was an absolutely incredible experience. I learnt so much personally to improve my own skills and knowledge, as well as really shaped the business for success. It was challenging but every moment was so incredibly valuable to me that I can’t complain. I met so many incredible founders and teams, was mentored and guided by incredible people and really refined my thinking and motivation to make a real impact on the world with education.

We couldn’t agree more. And by the numbers, too, the program was extraordinary: 16 nationalities, 24 founders, 4 female co-founders, 88 people across all teams, with 80K+ EUR cumulative batch monthly recurring revenue.

Watch the graduation in action:

And for more detail, check the full graduation day slide deck.

Previously, for more background on this event:

We’re joining the Startup Wise Guys' new XR accelerator