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Centered at the new Startup Wise Guys hub in Malaga, Spain, we join a group of 10 international teams from as far afield as China, South Africa, Armenia, and Jamaica. SWG will pair us with investment, an intensive 5-month program, and connections to a network that includes over 350 mentors and 200 investors.

We feel lucky to be there in this intensive program and with more resources to help Patch’s development. And we’re equally excited that the Startup Wise Guys understand the potential of this space in general - and why it’s important that we’re part of a larger scene. As SWG puts it:

Such convergence blurs the boundaries between the physical and the digital, the human and the machine, revealing the new hybrid nature of the user experience in the interoperable Metaverse. Being largely complementary to each other the startups are working on their unique products with that creating an additional synergetic level of healthy “coopetition”.

SWG describes Patch as “the format for interactive media in the Metaverse.”

SWG has a terrific reputation for its high-energy approach to coaching from the actual practitioners. Check the full announcement:

Meet 10 teams from the first-ever Startup Wise Guys XR-Malaga batch