Playing with PatchWorld is fun. But jamming with other players, learning from the community, exploring all the creative possibilities - that’s next level. So we’ve been working to make that easier than ever by improving and expanding multiplayer functionality, redesigning the hub and library, and showcasing more of the incredible events and creations you’re building in the community.

Invite other users to join your world. Now, on the Community page of the hub, you can see which users are online and invite them to multiplayer sessions. Don’t want to be disturbed? Toggle your online status - perfect if you need some solo building time.

New Space Club lobby. This exciting sci-fi wonderland is the work of user @plov. Head up to the space station, and you can find tutorials, customize your avatar, learn about the latest updates and new devices, or dance along on @plov’s latest track. It’s the future we were promised.

There’s more, too. As you keep pushing the envelope of what PatchWorld can do, you’ve been coming up with great ideas for us to implement. That includes the just-released version 67.

For details, you can now follow the #🎁_software-updates channel on Discord, but here are some highlights in version 67 and the other recent release builds:

Updated features suggested by the community include:

  • GIF support!
  • Make any solo world into a live multiplayer session (head to the hub from the ‘burger’ menu)
  • New block_follow object causes the player to follow a selected object. Among other applications, you can use this to create your own in-engine vehicles, like cars and spaceships
  • Buttons can be toggled for local-only use (disabling them for other users in multiplayer)
  • Video player now has play/stop input
  • Device_handle now outputs whether the user’s left or right hand was the trigger
  • SetPlayPosition x y z command lets you set the player’s position.
  • OpenURL <url> command opens a website


More exploration, easier connection, improved performance and usability:

  • Lower latency, better-quality voice chat in multiplayer sessions
  • Sharper graphics in the hub thanks to upsampling.
  • “MyWorlds” loads faster
  • Improved quantization for bubbles and other hittable objects, fixed hold block.
  • Speed block has better handling of teleportation
  • Upgraded Ready Player Me block
  • Take any image and set it as a world’s thumbnail by inspecting it
  • Redesigned hub and library
  • Redesigned tooltips
  • New map_jolt block maps jolt signals to specified ranges
  • World info pages now shows likes and views, plus the amount of time spent 
  • World portal block now shows suggested worlds for lobbies and more
  • Collider now ignores other blocks in the same group - so you could create a group of drumsticks, for instance!
  • Better syncing in multiplayer
  • …and other fixes, improvements, and performance enhancements.

Watch how much faster spawning is now - use the A and X buttons to add to your list, and then magically drop them into place:

Check the full version 67 release changelog on Discord for more. And if you’re not on the Discord community, now’s the time to join!

We’re not slowing down. So watch here for more of what’s new!