In the very newest update:

New effects

1-band EQ insert for quick filtering applications.

Shelf EQ for scooping out high or low frequencies all at once.

Compressor for getting your sound as loud and punch as you need.

Flanger effect 

New instrument

There’s also a new sampler keyboard with a granular looper onboard. Add your own sounds or record them from the mic, then play, warp, and mangle them live.

New sequencers

A new Melodic Sequencer with arrangement capabilities means you can incorporate tunes and entire song structures into your VR songwriting. And if you’re stuck for ideas, it’s a way to play around and experiment, quickly spawning song starters. It’ll be familiar to users of 2D desktop software, but it’s built entirely for the 3D environment, including gestural controls, a native 3D interface that lends itself to gestures, and the usual PatchWorld patchability.

And there are three more sequencers to explore, all original to PatchWorld. There’s the graphical, spatial Killerboard, the polyphonic Jangler, and the open-ended, patchable Node Sequencer.

For more, see our dedicated video guide to the sequencers:

Discover these four devices to create melodies, rhythms, and patterns in PatchWorld

Build your own studio

Add these latest additions to our growing toybox of powerful production machines. Just in case you haven’t tried them yet, a reminder:

808 MAYHAM: A versatile drum machine inspired by the Japanese classic, with dynamic options for range and pitch and plenty of possibilities as you play the pads.

Draw Board: Use a laser to doodle in melodies by drawing - who needs keyboards?

New shakers: Hold and shake or move these around as you would an acoustic shaker. Try The Thing, Melodic, and Egg shakers - and see what happens as you move slowly or quickly.

Home Grown sampler to play bubbles in the mode of a beloved historic “vox synth.”

Ratchet Tiker hi-hat synth (perfect for trap, drill, and more).

New and updated Light Show devices, including lamp light, spotlight, sunsets, world color, and more.

Spawn portal (as mentioned in our story on the last update): create portals to help players easily jump into multiplayer rooms.

With all those goodies to explore, what are we sitting around here looking at a boring screen for? Let’s head into PatchWorld and play. See you there.

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