AWE EU is a cozy event, but Patch had a big footprint and a schedule jam-packed with meetings. That included bringing along our team for in-person time, including new additions:

Melodie Mousset, co-founder, creative director, and community and partnership manager

Joel Sadler, in from San Francisco, who recently joined the team as a co-founder and now leads our creator tool and education department

Boris, head of QA and an emerging music producer in Berlin, got attendees dancing to his beats in PatchWorld

And, of course, we won a coveted Auggie award, too. (See our separate story.)

In the playground area of the exhibition, folks could join our booth to watch, hear, and play music. The dance floor vibes became such a draw that the event asked us to kindly stop playing music so attendees would go to the rooftop for the official party – instead of just hanging out with Patch.

And AWE also meant we finally got to catch up with some people we’d wanted to meet in person for a long time. We deepened our partnership conversation with Pico, among other strategic partners. We got deeper into the XR’s amazing community. Other facetime stand-outs:

Ori Inbar, CEO and co-founder of AWE (who called Patch a “big breakthrough”)

Liz Rosenthal from Venice Immersive (at the Venice International Film Festival)

Gabriel Romagnoli from ShapesXR

And we were thrilled to join a powerful panel discussion, with Anne McKinnon from Ristband Metaverse as moderator, Elaine Wong from PICO, and our long-time friend Maud Clavier from VRrOOm.

It’s just great to connect with this kind of quality time. We can’t wait to do more - and we’re absolutely not slowing down.