First, AWE is hosting a start-up pitch competition - so we’re thrilled to join these top innovators in getting to tell our story.

AWE 2022: Start-up Pitch Competition

And while we’re getting the nerves some excitement, we also get to talk about the transformative possibilities of play in the metaverse and how it is already changing people’s lives. Patch’s co-founder Melodie meets up with a fantastic group of folks to tackle those topics - a unique gathering of talent.

On tap: “We’ll explore questions around fandom, business models, the creator economy, data and design- all in the context of the transformative shift we are seeing in digital habits during this transformative era of the internet.”

Check out the other speakers:

Elaine Wong, Games Business Development, PICO
Sandra Helou, Co-founder/CCO, Metapolis
Maud Clavier, COO, VRrOOm
Anne McKinnon, Co-founder/CEO, Ristband

And of course, Patch takes play beyond just gaming, to playing music and exploring imagination. We’re all looking forward to what comes of this meeting of minds.

This Is How We Play: The Role of Gaming in the Metaverse