PatchWorld: Play and create music worlds in VR

The metaverse as your own playground - with all the emotional power of music!

A collaborative music sandbox native to VR, from the immersive media experts of PatchXR.


Based in:
Zurich (CH) and Copenhagen (DK)

Release date:
July 7th on Metaquest Store

Meta Quest 2

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PatchWorld empowers musical experience with marvelous worlds, fanciful instruments, and full-immersion live shows. It combines the visual experience and play of gaming with the emotional power of music. It’s ready to play from the moment you enter - but deep enough to let you build everything you can imagine.

An unprecedented toolset

Play and explore fantastic musical worlds, even without previous musical experience - then get involved and remix to create your own. Join an underwater reggae jam, blast some hard techno beats, or make polyrhythms out of rainfall. Build your own reactive stages and sonic playgrounds – fully immersive, native on Meta Quest 2.

EXPLORE music experiences, stories, shows, virtual studios, interactive tutorials and a growing library of instruments created by artists around the globe.

CREATE your own musical worlds and instruments and make a complete music band,and record musicverse music videos and shows.

SHARE your creations with the world, and coming soon jam withyour friends from round the world and make the best party in the musicverse.

For the first time, you can make rich, fully-customizable worlds without needing your own personal visual effects house - it’s like stepping inside a futuristic music video. You create for VR inside VR, meaning working in three dimensions is more intuitive. And since it’s all live and playable, you can perform, improvise, and jam. In an age when music makers’ vision can get lost in faceless streams, PatchWorld lets you express yourself and produce media for VR, live streams, and even live shows, with high-performance 3D visuals and spatial sound, even on just a standalone Oculus headset.


PatchWorld combines a playful interface with production-grade sound so that everyone gets a complete, rich musical experience. Want to explore music in an imaginative VR dreamworld? Check our interactive worlds. Want to stock your VR studio with your favorite techno instruments? You can do that, too.

  • 3 unique ready-to-play worlds (“EPs”) to explore or remix and make your own
  • Custom world creation
  • 30+ instruments and devices like –
  • Whimsical sound toys like rubber duckies, beer bottles, skulls, frying pans, and more
  • Powerful studio-quality tools, including recreations of acid synthesizers, vintage drum machines, loopers, and chord synths - some made by our community patchers
  • Playable, physics-based sounds based on wind, rain, marbles, gravity, and more
  • Use the mic to record samples or sing along
  • Jam together with built-in bands and characters
  • Customize your avatar
  • 3D spatial audio and stereo mixing
  • Record live performances in VR

And more coming soon:

  • More worlds, more instruments, more visuals – with new weekly releases
  • Publish your creations to share with friends
  • Multiplayer live rooms for jamming, learning, and partying
  • Custom-edited content and PatchMaker for building your own devices
  • MIDI and OSC support
  • …and more customization and creation features

We’re building a universe of music makers who can exchange and explore one another’s instruments, worlds, and unimaginable variety of creations. This community growth is already underway with artists and inventors testing the pre-release builds, plus a series of Patchathons at major international gaming festivals over the past two years.



Jam in Bouncy Beats (EP2)

Jam with pans in the RainMaker (EP3)

Jam with a few devices

Community creation (made in Patch Beta)

Techno live set made in Patch (made in Patch Beta for PC VR only)


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PatchXR turns writing music into a Metaverse VR experience where you can shape your music and visuals Musictech (2021)

VR becomes a fluid medium, a music video you can play, a playground in patchxr patchathon CDM (2021)

Worlds as instruments, as artists collaborate in VR using modular metaverse Patch CDM (2021)

PatchXR opens the world of music to extended reality Makery (2021)

PatchXR for Gig Life Pro Giglifepro (2020)

PatchWorld selected for Swissgame showcase Startupticker (2021)

Abbey Road Red 10 to watch in 2021 Abbey Road (2021)

About PatchXR

PatchXR is a multinational studio blending unmatched experience in art, engineering, and sound and music for VR. The team has some of the world’s top talent in the emerging medium of immersive, generative, interactive music for full-sensory virtual reality. That lineage starts with co-founders Melodie Mousset and Eduardo Fouilloux, building on Melodie’s award-winning achievements in VR art and Eduardo’s pioneering work at Animation Studio Denmark and creating the music game prototype MuX.

Now, PatchXR has assembled a global team and a powerful, complete, ground-up engine for VR music, sound, and play. We’ve tested our tools with diverse artists from around the world in closed beta and our Patchathon collaborative experience at top festivals. With that bespoke foundation and world-class experience in multiplayer experience and tech, we’re envisioning new, futuristic ways to play together with music, engaging the full body with vision and sound.

More information

More information on PatchXR is on our website, our logo & relevant media are available here.
For news and updates on PatchWorld, here is our blog

PatchWorld Credits


Executive director Eduardo Fouilloux
Art director Melodie Mousset
Creator tool owner Joel Sadler
Content owner Gad Barush Hinkis
Operation manager Nicholas Borkowski


Technical lead Victor Beaupuy
Engine architect Aleksey Sarapulov
Platform architect Jonah Fox
Senior developper Dominic Rolin
DSP engineer Pelle Juul
DSP engineer Maciek Sypniewski
Unity generalist Tom Frackowiak


Community development Peter Kirn
Web developer Daniel F. Wehleit
Marketing Guy Meldem
Graphic designer Mike Romo