Frequently Asked Questions

The important thing is never to stop questioning.


Patch is a modular, immersive musical instrument environment made for Virtual Reality to code, create and connect your own instruments and sounds, and interact with them live with your body, your gestures, and other people. Our proprietary engine is written in C++ and we are using Unity 3D for the VR interface.

Patch doesn’t just mimic existing musical instruments, it explores music beyond your average experience. Thanks to over four years of research and collaboration with XR artists, producers, musicians and audio engineers, Patch can create new, exiting hybrid creations and compositions that have never been seen before, and never been heard before. With Patch you can create interactive worlds, instruments, sound FX, automata, music games, perform live and stream online simultaneously, link VR machines and worlds to your existing workflow using OSC, MIDI, CV gate.

Patch lets you interact spatially with visuals and sonic interactions that respond to where you’re looking and how you move - a full-body, full-sensory experience with spatial audio. It’s an immersive, inventive world to explore, rather than just another rectangular editing interface.

Patch is not released yet, but we are giving some development licences to selected creators and universities. If you want to get a try, it’s possible, just contact us by mail or by filling the form at →

We are currently developing PATCHWORLD, a gamified version of our tool. A fantasia like environment to experience with procedural sound in VR. Patchworld will be released on the Quest in Q1 2022.


PATCHATHON are hand-on hacklab to experiment and prototype cool things in and around Patch. We regularly send out open calls, and select international participants from various field, media artist, fashion designer, props makers, audio engineers, game designer, music producers, 3D artists… and brings them together with our one-of-a-kind VR tool. You get connected with PatchXR team so you can get the most out of your creative experience and we invite high class mentors to guide you through your process. Together, we want to bring the next generation of computer-generated music to life and bring technology to the service of artistic exploration. IMMERSIVE, INTERACTIVE, VISUAL MUSIC in 3D space is the beginning of a new genre.

If you are super interested in joining the event and don’t have VR, WE MAY BE ABLE TO HOOK YOU UP , But don’t wait, submit ASAP and we’ll see what we can do.

Check the dates on our event calendar on the Patchathon page.


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