The musical part of this patch is inspired by asynchronous beats and polyrhythmic patterns. It is made with a sequencer that uses the length of the samples by default to loop them around. With this in mind, we created audio samples with carefully trimmed timings that would start interacting with each other creating chaotic yet somehow organized pieces of music with overlaping rhythms that can capture brief moments of rhythmic clarity within a soundscape of aparent sonoric chaos.

Juan Orjuela + Ted Pallas
Cologne / Edgewater

Juan Orjuela is a musician and game developer from Bogotá, Colombia who specializes in interactive composition and sound design for video games and experimental audiovisual installations. Juan is now established in Cologne, Germany where he co-founded the independent game studio Ludopium. Ted Pallas - Ted is a production designer and founder of the real-time content studio Savages, based in New York since 2008. Ted has recently produced work for clients including Sophia Saze, OneRepublic, Subtronics, Aathee, Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill, BMW, Dell Computers and others. Ted primarily works in XR, using Houdini, Notch and the Unreal Engine.