Here’s one way to get really meta - it’s a panel discussion about virtual spaces where the audience and innovators were in a virtual talk space, of course!

We think Edo looks totally at home being a virtual avatar. And Immersive Tech Week put together a terrific cross-section of people with insight into where virtual creativity might go. Joining this recent panel - a real who’s who of folks in this domain:

Valerie Vacante - Director of Strategy - Product Experience & Innovation, LiveArea
Eduardo Fouliioux - Co-founder and Artistic Director, Patch.XR
Inder Phull - Co-Founder/CEO, PIXELYNX
Philip Rosedale - Inventor, Founder High Fidelity & Second Life
Dan Morris - Director of Developer Relations, Niantic
Philip Rosedale - Inventor, Founder High Fidelity & Second Life

As the organizers describe it:

Today’s leading innovators are creating virtual spaces designed to meet up, build worlds, battle on, buy virtual goods, dance off and jam out. As technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace what does it mean for the next generation of creators?

The full panel is available here on-demand:

Plus check out some players awestruck trying Patch for themselves: