First up, xR/VR blogger Skarredghost of The Ghost Howls visited us at Europe’s ultra-hot immersive reality exhibition, Laval Virtual. We were one of their highlights.

Laval Virtual: Hands-On with CleverPoint and PatchXR

Trying it in person, versus just seeing videos - “it really surprised me.”

They were awestruck that everything is a patch, every patch is recordable - even the tutorial recording - and that the environment is both fully playful and fully modular.

And more:

I liked PatchXR because I’ve found it to be an amazing sandbox for creating artistic musical shows for indies. It’s fun, easy to use, and its modularity makes it also very powerful. I’m sure that as soon as it will be out in the stores, music hobbyists will love it!

And speaking of music creators, part of what sold Skarredghost on the experience is what tig3rmast3r has been able to build. They’re entire studios that are just as powerful as music pros use, but playful enough to be accessible to anyone, all inside VR.

So if you like stuff like this:

There’s even more on the way. The latest video to blow our minds from tig3rmast3r is a sample-based drum sampler - here with some classic sounds, but meaning you could load any one-shot sounds you want. On top of that, there’s a powerful automator, ideal for live performance and snapshot save and recall. We’ll be watching for more detail on this soon, absolutely. In the meantime, here’s a preview:

Now that has us wanting to get back into VR. If you’ve signed up, you’ll be hearing from us soon, and if you haven’t - join that waitlist now.