Patchathon at A MAZE. Berlin brings together worldwide artist participants

It’s a global metaverse intensive lab. We’re excited to announce the participants of our second-ever Patchathon, returning to A MAZE. / Berlin in July!

An overwhelming number of people applied from across 22 countries; we’ve selected twenty-one artists and creators from 10 countries to join. They cover a full range of backgrounds, from 3D artists to composers, coder-musicians to media art researchers, VR experts and singer-producers, poets and teachers. They’re multidisciplinary, multi-talented, expressive, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll make.

But you don’t have to be left out. You can follow us on Twitch to watch exclusive tutorials on new Patch features throughout the whole program:

And don’t miss the final performance presentations on Saturday evening 24.07 as part of the A MAZE. / Berlin 2021 program - tune in from wherever you are in the world:

We’re excited to be spending time again with the incredible international games and playful media festival in its 10th anniversary year. Our team will be partly on-site in Berlin at Urban Spree, immersed in this unique independent game and media environment.

This edition’s participants, who will collaborate together in teams of creator-artist-inventors:

Alexandria Rowan (US)
Corey Bertelsen (US)
Damian T. Dziwis (DE)
Francesco Corvi [Nesso] (IT)
Gilbert Nouno [Til Berg] (CH)
Juan Orjuela (DE)
Laura Luna Castillo (US)
Louise Nornes [Tonal Huldra] (UK)
Louis-Louise Kay [Mowukis] (FR)
Malitzin Cortes & Ivan Abreu (MX)
Matias Vilaplana (US)
Warja Rybakova & Irina Shutova [Neslob] (DE)
Patrick Hartono (AU)
Paula OS (AR)
Ramiro N. Alvarez (AR)
Robbie Lynn (US)
Ted Pallas (US)
Tomson Fauster [BitNet01] (IT)
Victoria Volokitina & Valeria Kolmogorova (RU)
Vincent Cellucci (NL)

*Image featured here is from the summer 2020 edition, Planetario Ancestral Futurista by Hexorcismos aka Moisés Horta Valenzuela.

Hear from last year’s participants: