And we will be busy. We’re joining the legendary GDC as part of a group of ten selected top game developers from Switzerland. We’re right now online with the private US Game Industry Days, but in March we’ll travel to San Francisco and the Moscone Center and Pier 17 for the SwissGames program and European Game Showcase. Check out the full program and the rest of our talented and futuristic Swiss colleagues:

SwissGames at GDC 2022

And yes, if you’re wondering if this means you’ll get to meet our team, learn more about Patch, and try the latest Patch - it will mean all of that. We’ve got more to announce for our San Francisco trip, so be sure to check back here and make sure we’re part of your GDC plans if you’re there. (And for those of you in the rest of the world, we’ll bring a report back from the world’s hottest game event!)

As more evidence, the booth is under construction already.

The SwissGames delegation to GDC 2022 is organised in partnership with Swissnex in San Francisco and supported by Presence Switzerland.