November update new features and improvements

The latest release of PatchWorld is all about making it easier to go beyond your solo explorations and find other people, discover new worlds, and expand your musical horizons. The crazy-talented patchers in our community have created amazing new devices and toys, including melodic instruments, hard-hitting 808s, pro synths, intuitive sequencers, and creative chord loopers. And there are complete community-created worlds in this release, too.

New in this update:

  • Support for Ready Player Me avatars
  • World suggestions and improved search for worlds and other players
  • New community page on the hub
  • Portal Blocks
  • 20 new ready-made worlds, created by pro patchers
  • 10 new instruments and devices

Fixes and improvements:

  • Improved UX in live sessions
  • Fixes to multiplayer sync and joining sessions
  • Navigation improvements

Existing avatars work as before, but now you can add your own avatars in the standard Ready Player Me format; head to Edit Avatar and you’ll find complete instructions.

The Community Page on the Hub now gives you access to worlds, devices, and other user-created content. Explore, remix, and make your own shows, jams, and more. There are 20 worlds already created by patchers like you, and more to come. If you’ve got something cool you’ve created that you’d like featured, don’t be shy: get in touch on Discord.

Choose Spawn Portal, and you can create a gateway from any world to any other world, opening up endless journeys and the opportunity to take your friends along for the ride.

More content and events

Open up PatchWorld, and you’ll find new categories full of ways to learn more about patching, jam with others, and explore the instruments and worlds created by our amazing users.

Weekly events: Each week, you’ll get four jams, workshops, and other live events.

Venues: Five beautifully designed template worlds by Professor EmberWolf act as open canvases for meeting and jamming. (They’re empty of instruments, so you can start with a clean slate.)

Learn to patch: Several interactive tutorials by our very own FrankVonDerInsle will walk you through building various parts of instruments.

Interactive art: From Croatian artist Vana Gacina comes four imaginative surrealistic worlds.

Instrument galleries: Find new devices and instruments by our team and other patchers, starting with three new worlds chock full of toys and samples to play with. Try them out and see what you want to add to your world!Watch for more like this soon, and don’t forget to join our Discord community for the latest from fellow users and access to the PatchMaker beta.