We promised more was inbound, and we meant it. New builds of PatchWorld are available now on the Meta Quest Store and are automatic free updates for all current users.

August 19 update

This week, we launched even more new instruments, including visual effects you can tweak for fountains of particles and colorful lighting, new tools for manipulating timing and sequences, and still more DJ and drum instruments. It’s Saturday Night Fever time, between those colored lights and new groove creation tools.

New devices:

  • Scratcher - bubble DJ deck
  • Sweeper - new version of Boofer to play samples as sustained notes
  • Timer - timer utility
  • Timeline - basic sequencing building block
  • String Box - string emulator with pitch and decay control
  • Lil Drum Kit - simple kick, snare and hihat synth drum kit
  • Party Calls - tweakable and patchable particle effect
  • Light Box - patchable light generator with color settings

This release also contains still more tweaks and optimizations, plus important groundwork for future releases. That continues to accelerate our development pace and give you all the powerful creation tools we know you want.

And there’s more: ghost audio syncs with BPM changes among other ghost improvements, voice and color support is improved,

And if you missed it, this is hot on the heels of another big bulk of work earlier in the month –

August 1 update

New at the start of the month, we unveiled a ton of new content, including powerful instruments for creating kicks and drums and acid TB-303 basslines, plus new mixing and looping capabilities:

  • Fan - propels marbles when they pass in front of it
  • Acidic - 303 replica
  • KickBox - Kick drum synth + mini sequencer
  • DrumBox - multi-purpose drum synth + mini sequencer
  • DirtBox - clip distortion effect
  • EchoBox - delay effect
  • MixBox - 4-channel stereo mixer
  • Ghost Station - 4-channel ghost looper
  • Background color - 3D background color picker
  • Metronome - metronome with global tempo control

Also in this release: improved ghost recording and looping, the ability to modify and save EPs (meaning you can use them to start your own projects), and numerous performance optimizations and fixes.

Watch it in action

Our own Octa has been hard at work documenting all the new stuff. I want my Patch TV:

Check us out on the Meta Quest Store:

PatchWorld on Oculus Quest 2

And for a run-down of the launch and PatchWorld’s features:

PatchWorld is now available on the Meta Quest Store