PatchXR’s Gad Baruch Hinkis continues his packed jet-setting schedule, joining luminaries from topics ranging from artificial intelligence to immersive mixing. It’s all part of the A3E (Artists + Advanced Applications Exchange) Future of Audio programming at the Anaheim convention center. For this session, we look at how a rapidly transforming media landscape brings together different arts. Just like PatchXR’s work, this quickly expands from music creation in a more traditional sense to an expansive world of human-machine interactions, playful game environments, and fully immersive, fluid media.

Here’s what they have planned:

Speakers: Raj Puran , Ben Ganz , Paul Sitar , Gad Baruch Hinkis , Jonathan Rowden , Alex Solano

From ideation and creation to content collaborations, as well as in the management of your business and project workflows, manufacturers and platforms are continuously evolving through new integrations while adapting to the effects of increased interoperability, novel formats and emerging standards.

Join this session to acquire insights into the technological and market forces that will drive the products used in the various forms of content creation (music, gaming, film, etc.); explore potential new formats necessary to achieve higher levels of artistic quality; and delve into the special effects that fans and consumers expect in their entertainment experiences. Importantly, the conversation will be fueled by new peer data and insights looking at external forces, including legal and data privacy considerations, as well as the effects of the ever-increasing convergence of Human-Driven Content Creation (HDCC) and AI-driven Content Generation (AICG).

If you’re in Anaheim, say hi - and maybe we’ll catch the latest synth or guitar amp, this being NAMM. But you can join anywhere with the livestream, Friday January 26 at 3:00 PM local time (that’s midnight Friday night CET).

Session info:

The Forces of Integrations, Interoperability and Standards Impacting Your Art and Its Compatibility With Other Arts