Mixed reality VR music studio

Look at the room around you. You’ve already seen PatchWorld as an immersive, fanciful escape. Now imagine you can jam together in this space - and that every wall, every object can be transformed into wild interactive instruments. This isn’t just sci-fi or a speculative demo: we’ve done it with PatchWorld in Mixed Reality, and it’s available right now.

Mixed reality is now your jam. Your musical worlds enter the spaces around you, opening up new possibilities for sharing and playing. And you can use those spaces to shape your music.

Here’s the scoop on what’s new in PatchWorld now:

Real World Venue.

Play with virtual and real at the same time. Any existing patch now can work with a passthrough camera view, so you can see real instruments, the space around you, and other players as you play. Real guitar with virtual enhancements? A virtual player with an acoustic player in one jam? It’s all possible. Mixing real and virtual in hybrid spaces gives you new ways of playing, new ways of jamming, and new ways of recording videos to share or stream, too.

decorate your bedroom i Mixed Reality with PatchWorld

jam with friends in mixed reality

Magic Windows.

The AR /VR window blocks let you snap virtual portals onto real-world walls. Create a portal out of virtual space into the world around you - or open up a window from the real camera view into a virtual world. It’s like a real-life portal gun, and lets you define your mix of virtual and real however you want!

a Mixed reality widow in patchworld that let a real table and chairs appear in a virtual environment

a mixed reality view were you can see a virtual environment through a real window

Cross-reality physics.

Now those fun physics-based tools and toys from Patch work with real-world objects and walls, too. Make your couch into a piano or your wall into a drum pad. Let the rain system bounce marbles off your desk. All surfaces magically transform into usable augmented reality in PatchWorld.

New instruments and more fun inventions to explore.

Mixed Reality of course sparked our imagination, and made us dream up new devices that could play with these features. Here’s what’s already available for you to play and jam in this release:

  • Mixed reality marbles guns
  • A tabletop vibraphone
  • A magic spotlight that uses virtual light on the world around you (
  • A magic window experience

Optimized for Pro, but you don’t have to wait.

If you’ve got a Meta Quest 2, you can already use most of these features with the existing camera on your device - so you don’t have to wait to play. That also means friends you want to jam with don’t need to buy new hardware. But we’ve also tested and optimized everything we’re doing on Meta Quest Pro, so if you do invest in the latest and greatest hardware, you can count on PatchWorld to deliver a great experience. And yeah, if you’re trying to convince your boss or tax accountant that you need this as a business expense - here, tell them we said you can.

Let’s get in the mix in Mixed Reality.

We’d love to see what you’re working on. Mixed Reality is perfect not only for immersing yourself in something wild and cool but also for sharing with others - we know your videos and streams will come alive with this. So don’t be shy: share what you discover, and join Discord for questions and tips, and meet other Patchers.