Leau, Vol.2 - The Rainmaker - 01.12.2020 - Moods - Zurich

Georg Bleikolm / Raveur propose a new immersive audiovisual installation in collaboration with PatchXR.

We have developed a new musical instrument that reveals itself in the form of an interactive and kinetic installation on the fringes of reality and virtuality. A ritual between dance and performance opens the concert evening and accompanies the public in this new volume.

Leau, chaos within chemical balance

This new installment of Georg Bleikolm’s immersive show describes the inevitable need to avoid the resurgence of chaos within of the chemical balance that defines our ecosystem.

The partnership with Moods allows us to open access to this event to a decentralized audience. With renowned partners such as Sennheiser, Moods has for several years been one of the Swiss leaders in the field of immersive streaming.

Place and date of residence / Event : Moods, Zurich on 30.11 - 01.12.2020 Musicians: Georg Bleikolm, Christian Fischer, Max Santander, Steve Buchanan Dance and performance: Sylvie Chen
Installation: Edo Fouilloux, melodie Mousset and Valerio Spoletini



The event was created with the support of the culture of the city of Zurich.