Image shown is captured in-engine.

Sign up for the beta; we’ll gradually be opening access in smaller groups, just to make sure we provide lots of high-quality, hands-on interaction with our team. Register now and you’ll be first in line.

We’re focused on Oculus Quest as we prepare for a planned summer release on that platform, but PC VR will also be available as part of the beta, via Quest + link, Rift S and Vive headsets.

Artists have already been creating entire worlds and immersive experiences, tracks, and virtual venues using Patch. (If you’ve followed our Patchathon events at Amaze Festival and Nordic Game, you know all about that!) Here are just a few examples for inspiration, from creators Sinbiox and MOWUKIS + Savages:

Access an array of deep, production-ready features - in a platform that’s as playful and easy as a game:

  • Build and share musical worlds in the metaverse, without any coding, for free
  • Deep modular framework - start with pre-built worlds or create custom instruments, visuals, and gestural interactions
  • 200+ blocks for endless creative options
  • 3D environment and sound assets to get you started
  • 3D spatial audio and stereo mixing
  • Access Patch from Quest standalone headsets - lowering the bar to entry
  • Explore awesome musical creations made in Patch and interact with the growing community of Patchers worldwide.
  • Tutorials to learn about sound and how to build your own music worlds and electronic music instruments
  • Record loops of your avatar performing in 3D space to become a full band
  • Connect your virtual world with your usual setup using MIDI and OSC.

Stay tuned here and on our social channels for more tips and tricks to get up and running, and more on what’s possible with the platform.

What’s next? First, be sure to join our Discord channel to keep up with the latest and network with other users:

Discord community

And register for the closed beta to get your access soon:

Apply for the beta by February 5

Supported platforms:

- Meta Quest and Rift platforms [including standalone]
- PC VR with Oculus Rift S
- HTC Vive

For more information, see our full press release on the beta.