As we look back at 2023, we’re proud to say we’re delivering on some of the promise Fast Company saw in us in their March/April cover story. As part of their “Most Innovative Companies” feature, they singled out PatchXR for our ability to bring virtual instruments and music-making to the VR medium, calling us “surprisingly robust as a creation tool” and noting all those five-star reviews from users. (Thank you!)

FastCo noted:

Users can select (or make their own) musical instruments and play them within bizarre virtual spaces, or jam in the same space with friends. They can also record the performance, sing, and add cool effects. Best of all, the expansive 3D space makes it all simple. It’s possible to jump right into one of the ready-to-play worlds and start creating and remixing.

The 10 most innovative companies in augmented and virtual reality of 2023

Of course, we haven’t stopped there. Over the past months, we’ve expanded available devices and worlds, built out a complete, rich multiplayer experience for jams, added additional headset platform support, and thanks to you, opened up new community features, learning experiences, and user-created work. All of that makes us excited for what we can bring to 2024, not only in what we’ll be doing, but what you’ll be doing, too.