We were proud to join the swisstech pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with presentations at Eureka Park and the Global Pavilion Area at the Venetian Expo. That put us shoulder to shoulder with 34 other leading Swiss innovators in AR, AI, ICT, IoT, health, cleantech, lifestyle, and other areas (even a motorcycle-related AR maker and that AI-powered cat flap you might have seen). For our jam session, we teamed up with friends at the Dynavisual IoT smart textile platform.

As usual, PatchWorld got people enthralled, playing, and dancing - PatchWorld always attracts a crowd. That brought international press attention, too, ranging from local media to the Associated Press.

Select media accolades to mention:

Yahoo Finance anchor Akiko Fujita named us as one of 3 biggest tech trends to watch at the conference, for the fun of making music and building your own universes to explore. From the start of this video:

And we even made it in Korean (skip to 3:33 - well, if you know Korean or want to practice):

Each time we do this, new experiments emerge - jamming together as a growing mob of attendees gathers to film (and dance)? Your face as an instrument? Check and check.

swisstech Pavilion was co-produced by Presence Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise with the support of digitalswitzerland, swissnex and Innosuisse.

This trip also brought us to NAMM, Anaheim, California’s single largest convention and a mecca for the music tech and musical instruments world. That meant even more engagement with musicians, even those trying immersive media for the very first time, and the incredible musical outcomes that would result. And we joined a deep panel on the future of interaction and integration.

As always, getting out there and getting to meet you all in person is a highlight. So we’ll be watching for you on the next road show. Until then, see you in PatchWorld.