Tokyo Game Show is back to an in-person, physical experience from September 15 - 19. And Hot on the heels of a fast-paced series of summer updates and the launch on the Meta Quest Store, Patch will be there. It’s the beginning of expanded involvement in Japan, including a Patchathon at the renowned audiovisual festival MUTEK Japan later this year and the addition of Koki Sugiyama to our team.

Koki-san, a DJ/producer based in Tokyo, coordinates the educational program for MUTEK.JP. He comes to us to help us develop our Japanese community.

And what better place to get started than Tokyo Game Show, in what’s sure to be an epic year as the event returns to physical form. It’s the first-ever trip to the country for Patch, so we’re excited to meet you there. And watch this space for more of the fruits of our collaborations with everyone in Japan.

Come find us in Hall 5:

Location: VR/AR area.

Hall 5, Section C.

Booth Number: 5-C17

Tokyo Game Show 2022

Nothing stops gaming. And when music can exist in venues created by the imagination, nothing stops music, either.