the best rated and most popular Quest Games and Apps in December 2022 by Road to VR

We are excited to share that PatchWorld has been ranked as the 19th best rated Oculus Quest game on the Quest 2 storefront according to Road to VR! With a rating of 4.78 (115 reviews), PatchWorld is listed right after Pistol Whip. Since launch in July 7th, It has received rave reviews from users for its unique and innovative approach to music creation in virtual reality.

Just to give you a few exemples of what our first users say:

“PatchWorld is unrivalled in its raw creative spirit and potential.”

“This is the most entertaining/comprehensive music making app I’ve played!”

“This app is ridiculously good. You pretty much have your own music production studio here, but unlike many production apps on the Quest, this one is definitely useful right out the box and you can actually make real quality music with it.”

“It’s like making music in a tripped out dream lol”

“If you like music, games and visual art, and if you love creating, then this is for you.”

As a platform for creating and experiencing musical and visual immersive content, PatchWorld offers a wide range of tools and capabilities for music production, collaboration, and world-building. Whether you are a professional musician or producer looking to incorporate new techniques into your workflow, or a beginner exploring music creation for the first time, PatchWorld has something to offer!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported PatchWorld and given us such positive reviews and to Ben Lang and Road to VR for the feature. We are thrilled to see PatchWorld receiving such positive feedback and recognition among the top rated Oculus Quest games. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for PatchWorld and soon share the amazing creations our users will come up with.

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PatchWorld in the Meta Quest Store