With the award ceremony in Europa-Park, Baden-Württemberg’s legendary theme park, roller coasters were both this year’s metaphor and literal setting. And as usual, AUREA organizers had a stellar jury. (Awards are nominated by the rich AUREA community, then final selection is made by the experts.) This year:

  • Kathleen Cohen, The Collaboratorium
  • Emily Olman, Hopscotch Interactive
  • Frank Govaere, previously HALOSTAGE/ICT, now creative producer
  • Dirk Freytag, German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW)
  • Thomas Wagner, VR Coaster / Professor, University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern
  • Marian Gläser, BrighterAI (AUREA#5 winner)

In AUREA’s most international prize yet, we were selected among five finalists, joining Motorica’s MoGen, Brainjo’s brain training, a wingsuit experience from Limitless Flight, and immersive audio from Holoplot. PatchXR, in winning the Creative Award, “represents a new paradigm for creative expression in mixed realities,” say the organizers. The winning projects were “selected for the profound impact they have on the XR landscape.”

And yes, there is a very handsome trophy. It had better be - one past year’s expert host came equipped with their own Academy Award in visual effects. (The community also has names like Disney in its community.)

Our own Edo picked up the prize and got to have the “I thank the Academy” moment.

You can check out the AUREA community, too, by nominating projects. As for who on the PatchXR does and doesn’t like roller coasters, you’ll have to try to ask us that in person.


AUREA#6 Award Winners