PatchXR team won an Auggie Award  for best start-up to watch
The PatchXR founding team accepts our very handsome-looking Auggie statuette.

AWE’s European edition was already a highlight for us. Then came the icing on the cake: PatchXR was given one of three Auggie Awards for Europe, complete with trophy. It’s all thanks to Melodie’s pitch in the pitch competition leading up to the juried nominations.

“Auggie” is short for, and since 2010 has grown to be the AR/VR’s single most-recognized prize. Our Auggie was awarded thanks to Patch’s uniqueness, market opportunities, and the team’s capabilities, according to the jury.

We’re especially honored because of who was on the jury:

Since we couldn’t be there in person, our great friend and advisor Muki accepted the award for us. But we were thoroughly impressed with all the competition - which also featured greater gender balance, with women represented as 5 out of 9 founders. Some of our other favorites - metaverse dating app nevermet, and fashion enabler Gnera.

Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE and Super Ventures, was not on the jury. But that meant he was free to just have fun with Patch, without any judging obligations. (Pictured below, deep in the experience.) Ori writes:

“I highly enjoyed making music in the app, and thought the big breakthrough was the onboarding experience with the funny, motivating, and super cool character in the application.”

Ori Onbar playing patchWorld at Awe 2022
Ori testing Patch

Here’s how AWE describes the award:

The Auggie Awards™ Competition is an initiative of, the producer of AWE (Augmented World Expo). The goal of the Competition is to promote excellence in XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality) on various platforms and categories. The Competition is intended to bring the best in the augmented World to the public, and to provide recognition to contestants who develop technology and solutions that demonstrate how to make the world a more interactive place and make our lives and work more engaging, productive, and fun.

We really appreciate the vote of confidence! AWE was a blast - and watch this space.