Create your own interactive sonic world, in an online, week-long playground!

A MAZE FESTIVAL & PATCH XR are thrilled to announce Patchathon #2. A week-long workshop to make your own fantastic instrument in VR and perform it at A MAZE. / Berlin 2021.

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Make your own musical world in VR, then perform with it live online for an audience at A MAZE. / Berlin 2021. Learn direct from the developers who built the Patch platform, hone your skills, and create an amazing new work. For our second edition, we’re excited to focus on team creation and collaboration - to get closer to one another again.

Application and participation is free.


Patch is a complete, immersive environment to create interactive music world and instruments in VR. As game engines disrupt the whole entertainment landscape, the PatchXR team is building a tool to enable DIY creators to express themselves in this new era. Get your hands-on it and let’s start building the future of media together : blending sound, visuals, and full-body gestures in mixed realities.


  • Visual/media artists
  • Musicians and vocalists
  • Sound designers, Composers and Music producers
  • Movement researchers
  • Game developers … and anyone passionate about pushing the boundaries of sound, and multi-sensory integrated performances.

12 applicants (or collectives) will be selected by a jury of experts to participate and showcase their work at A MAZE. / Berlin 2021


DEADLINE EXTENDED! Apply by Wednesday 23 June, 23:59 CET (notification by Friday 25 June)

16-24 July Online working sessions (on-site in Berlin 21-24.07)

24 July final live show at A MAZE Festival (Berlin + streamed online)

Patchathon #2 will take place in a hybrid format. We will fully support online international artists. Depending on regulations and safety at the time, we may also open up a physical presence for use by online performers and a limited number of artists local to Berlin.


Access to a VR headset: PC VR (recommended): HTC Vive, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest + Link. Standalone: Oculus Quest 1 & 2 Minimum-spec PC: Windows 10, 64-bit, Intel Core i5-2500K, GPU (GeForce GTX 970), 8GB RAM. Coding skills are not needed, but some experience with digital music creation is essential.

With the help of Oculus, we are giving away 3 VR headsets to Patchathon participants who currently don’t have access to one. If you don’t have a VR Headset, but want to apply to this year’s Patchathon, you will also be able to apply for a headset in this form.


You’ll get access to the full, free license for the beta Patch tools to use on your machine. Learn via intensive remote workshops with the PatchXR team. Mingle and team up with a group of international cutting-edge artists. Get individual support to let you create something truly awesome. And finish with a completed musical VR performance to share with the public!


Wondering what Patch and the Patchathon are about, and whether you should apply? Looking for collaborators? Or want to chat and meet the team?

Check the Patch FAQ and join our Discord to chat with the community and ask us anything.


Patchathon #02 is proudly co-hosted with A MAZE. / Berlin 2021, the international festival of games and playful media. #AMaze2021 #playfulmedia



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