We are looking for the person to make a social playground for people to play, build and share interactive music worlds remotely in real-time - to empower a community to exchange interactive venues, musical instruments, concerts and more!

Together, we aim to build a new sonic dimension where our surroundings become shareable interactive music, where you can play with an infinite library of worlds. A new way to build, think, and enjoy music. Interesting challenge? Lets talk!

What will you be doing?

  • Join a passionate team of creative technologies on a full-time position
  • Brainstorming and designing the best solution to connect players
  • Implementing the infrastructure to allow players to exchange and store their creations with the best experience
  • Collaborating with artist, designers, programmers, and researchers across multiple disciplines
  • Design a scalable platform that can connect users to a server side audio engine
  • Documenting and testing methods of approach
  • Sort and process files (Meshes, Images, ASCII, audio)
  • Data streaming implementations
  • Implement multiplayer functionality

What is your profile?

  • Passion for music and Sound
  • Deep knowledge of cloud computing and computer networks
  • Knowledge of network protocols and implementation methods
  • Expertise of server systems fx. Azure, AWS.
  • Knowledge of Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of network protocols, major APIs and libraries. Things like TLS, SSH, TCP, UDP, DNS, data streaming, video streaming, audio streaming, Game Multiplayer, Cloud Platforms.

Nice to have

  • Art lover
  • Programming skills in C# and C++
  • Web GL
  • Knowledge/interest Digital of signal processing (DSP)

What do you get from us?

Flexible working hours & time off. With flexible working policies, you’re not only in charge of where but also when you are going to work and when you unwind.

Dedicated time for research and learning. Perfect time to validate ideas, focus on work priorities or a side project. Stock options. Equity stake that gives you a piece of a company’s growth and success.’

More about us

We are an international team of 8 artists, coders, and story tellers fascinated by music, art and technology. Our hybrid studio has wonderful people working from around the world but we also have physical bases in Zürich (Switzerland) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

Creating content is our passion! and have been working on immersive media for many years, showing our work in galleries and concert halls. We believe that the power of culture, can accelerate the progress and inspire a generation. This is why we share our tools with the community, so more artists and creators can explore creativity in XR.

Our goal is to change the way we interact with computers and computer music by taking advantage of Extended Reality technologies. To get rid of the limitations of the screen, by replacing the clicking of a mouse for the gestures of the body and get sound touch and vision under one format.

Get in touch. Let’s Talk!